The Pools Creates New Promotion to Help Affiliates Boost Traffic

The Pools Creates New Promotion to Help Affiliates Boost Traffic

The Pools, a hundred-year-old company involved in sports betting, casino gaming, and other experiences, has announced a new promotion to help affiliates drive traffic and engage with customers. For the 100th season of The Pools, the company is giving away 10,000 free games, transforming the season into what it claims to be “the best season ever.”

More Than 10,000 Opportunities to Get in on the Jackpot

Players will have the chance of joining The Pools’ club of millionaires without spending a penny, the company detailed in a press release. All it takes is getting the outcomes of games correctly, something that often comes with astronomical odds, but is feasible and has been done. The company runs a weekly jackpot of £3 million.

The new giveaway campaign is shared with the help of Michael Owen, a former Liverpool and Manchester United player who will help push awareness for the campaign. Owen’s prominence with fans of the sport will definitely give the giveaway a leg-up and make it easier to reach sports aficionados who may be interested in trying out The Pools’ offer.

Owen too has been happy to help out fans join The Pools for a chance to pursue a chunk of the prize pools. Commenting on this opportunity, Owen himself said:

It’s an incredible achievement to be reaching its 100th season and by giving away these 10,000 games, hopefully it will be an opportunity for lots of people to play for free and make it a really memorable one. We might even get players who win life-changing prizes which would be amazing.

Soccer player Michael Owen

The Pools Determined to Reach out to New Audiences

The Pools partnership marketing manager Andrea Foley has welcomed the opportunity to drive engagement with new customers who may be interested in exploring The Pools’ offer up close.

Foley said that promotions play a big part in new player sign-up and now affiliate partners will be able to use the giveaway promotions responsibly to ensure that more people hear about the massive jackpots offered by the company. This and the fact Owen is on the job, Foley said, will guarantee The Pools a much wider reach for the new season.