Super Group Taps Lisa Kampf to Lead Investor Relations

Super Group Taps Lisa Kampf to Lead Investor Relations

Super Group Taps Lisa Kampf to Lead Investor Relations

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Super Group has recruited a prominent high-profile investor relations specialistLisa Kampf will work under Super Group’s chief executive officerShe has already served in similar positions and has the track record to back her appointment

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Super Group has appointed Lisa Kampf as vice president of investor relationships. The company is best known for its flagship betting and iGaming brand Betway, which has provided experiences across all known gambling verticals, including casinos, sports, and esports.

Super Group to Focus on Investor Relations

Kampf will work directly under Super Group CEO Neal Menashe and seek to bolster the company’s investor relations and explore new business opportunities. This comes after the highly-anticipated trading debut on the New York Stock Exchange in January when Super Group launched its public offering and has been trading under the SGHC ticker ever since.

Commenting on the opportunity to join the Super Group’s team, Kampf said that she was thrilled to be joining the team and bolster the Betway, as well as the Spin brand. She explained:

“I look forward to working with management to help the investment community understand Super Group’s opportunity to enhance shareholder value as we build upon the Betway and Spin brands.”

Super Group CEO Neal Menashe

Kampf comes from a well-seasoned executive background. She has held multiple similar positions which will allow her to steer the company on the right course in order to meet its objectives. She has worked as managing director of investor relations for Ambac Financial Group.

Kampf Brings All That Super Group Needs

Other positions include stints with MF Global, Instinet Group, and Goldman Sachs. Her financial acumen and expertise have guided her through some of the most challenging corporate environments and have helped her hone her new skills.

She has built and led in-house investor relations at several companies and she is determined to continue delivering on the expectations Super Group has from her. Super Group’s chief executive also welcomed her appointment:

“Lisa is a seasoned IR professional with a deep understanding of investor relations, finance, and capital markets which are vital to a successful investor relations program.” Super Group’s financial results have remained strong and the firm continues to gather momentum as its brands reach new markets and broker new agreements and meaningful partnerships.