Sin City Firefighter Placed Under Arrest after Planet Hollywood Sex-Trafficking Sting

Sin City Firefighter Placed Under Arrest after Planet Hollywood Sex-Trafficking Sting

Las Vegas Fire Department employee Treyveon Denzel Evans is waiting for a Justice Court status hearing in March after being detained on pandering charges on February 4. Evans, who joined the Clark County Fire Department in June 2021 and allegedly had a second occupation as a pimp, attempted to recruit an undercover vice detective on the Vegas Strip. The female detective in question had infiltrated a number of casinos looking for human traffickers as part of an official police operation during the busy weekend hosting two important sporting events.

Evans Was Detained at the Planet Hollywood Resort

Evans was arrested at the Planet Hollywood resort after he allegedly delivered career advice to the vice detective identified as “VUCE 004” in the official arrest report. According to the same report, the detective was actively involved in a preemptive police operation meant to fight off the rising human trafficking problem in Vegas. The date for the preemptive operation was not chosen randomly, as the 4 February weekend hosted two huge sports events that are known for being powerful magnets for visitors: the NHL All-Star Game at T-Mobile Arena on February 5 and the Pro Bowl event at Allegiant Stadium on February 6.

As per the report’s description, VUCE 004 was dressed in a way that would make any reasonable individual believe she was a “person engaging in prostitution”. The firefighter was reportedly dancing on the casino floor when he noticed the vice detective part of the sting operation and decided to engage in a conversation with her. VUCE 004 introduced herself as a “working girl” looking to “hustle”. Evans told the undercover detective she would be working for him while informing her that the Las Vegas Strip would be a good place to find good “hookups” willing to pay her $1,500 per night in exchange for her services.

Evans also told VUCE 004 that his share would be $500 and explained the ”trick roll” she would have to do to steal from her future clients. The firefighter explained to the detective that she would have to spike men’s drinks to make them pass out and steal their possessions.

He also told the detective that he would take her to Los Angeles on the following weekend so she could earn money during the Super Bowl. The 28-year-old former school bus driver is currently on leave without pay from Clark Country’s Fire Department while pending his first court appearance in March.

Sin City, a Top Destination for Sex Trafficking

According to Government data, Sin City is known for being one of the top destinations for sex trafficking in the US. On estimate, there are more than 5,600 yearly recorded victims across the state of Nevada alone. Metro police data from 2020 revealed a troubling number of 123 underaged sex trafficking victims in Las Vegas. According to state laws, only those counties with a population under 700,000 are legally allowed to license prostitution. Since Las Vegas and Clark County are not eligible for the legal requirements, prostitution is not legal here.

Plus, engaging in prostitution outside licensed venues is also forbidden, as well as the act of encouraging other individuals to engage in prostitution or living off the proceeds of the act soliciting prostitution outside legal brothels.

However, the world’s oldest profession continues to remain common and a big problem in Sin City, along with trick-rolling or theft by prostitutes which goes unreported in most cases. Victims are not willing to file official theft complaints since they too have broken the law.