Rivalo Teams up with Influencers for FIFA Club World Cup Content

Rivalo Teams up with Influencers for FIFA Club World Cup Content

Sports betting company Rivalo believes that finding new ways to communicate and engage with sports fans is what ultimately makes people more likely to plonk down a wager. The company is not wrong, and its latest initiative is an attempt to have a heart-to-heart with fan bases and speak their language.

Bringing Influencers in to Boost the Thrill of Sports 

To achieve this, the company has decided to introduce a new type of experience known as the “sponsor of dreams.” To this end, the company has closed a partnership with four popular media personalities and influencers, name Arthur Balan, Tulinho, Matheus Gonze, and Mauro Beting. 

These four influencers will be following the vicissitudes of Brazilian soccer team Palmeiras, which will vie in the FIFA Club World Cup hosted in Qatar later this year. The partnership will allow fans to get a new level of experience and follow their national soccer heroes from up close. 

Rivalo, acquisition manager for Brazil, Guilherme Bucchi, has teased some of the forthcoming activations and content. He assured that there would be a lot of content throughout the entire year. Naturally, Rivalo has been specifically looking to invite influencers who achieve a great deal of engagement on social media.

They are established across numerous social brands, including TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Rivalo clearly opts for a multi-pronged approach when looking to secure better engagement with potential sports fans and existing fan bases. The influencers will be busy producing unique and insightful content all the way leading up to FIFA Club World Cup and, more importantly, during match days. 

Spreading the Word to Millions of Fans out There

Rivalo’s new ambassadors for the event will offer their guesses, pen original content, and post analyses to their fans on social media to elicit stronger engagement and bring the experience closer to fans. Between them, the social media personalities have amassed millions of followers, which will, in turn, give Rivalo significant exposure.

The idea to team up with established figureheads in sports and social media entertainment is a great way to achieve stronger engagement with targeted audiences, Rivalo believes. The company is on track to test this idea as one of the biggest soccer events is about to commence.