“Probably Shady” Takes on Beanie, Says He Should Be Held Accountable

“Probably Shady” Takes on Beanie, Says He Should Be Held Accountable

The non-fungible token industry has its heroes and one of them is Beanie AKA Charles Moscoe. Moscoe is a self-professed NFT aficionado who has held various advisory roles across a plethora of projects in the space, many of which have now come under fire for allegedly scamming users.

Beanie has been talking up many NFT startups out there, including Pixel Vault, MetaHero Universe: Planet Tokens, MetaHero Universe: Generative Identities, Punk Comics, Wolf Game, Looklabs, and Bloot to name a few, but his reasons may not have always been genuine.

Beanie Must Be Held Accountable Says “Probably Shady”

Beanie was blamed for backing an alleged rug pull scheme by the name of BeLegend Collection or #BLGD, as reported by NFT Evening. “Rug pulls” is a scheme whereby investors are promised that their investment would pay off at a high return only to find out – usually very soon – that their funds and the project developers had disappeared.

1/ How Beanie aka Charles Moscoe siphoned $40M (12500 Ether) and made $16M in unrealized gain.

Full article: https://t.co/yJVdHwFqRb

In this thread we will disclose why Beanie or Charles Moscoe must not be trusted and why he must be held accountable.

— Probably Shady (@ProbablyShady) January 23, 2022

Beanie is now under the microscope of Probably Shady, a Twitter handle that sinks its teeth into alleged scams and drills to the bottom of most of them. Beanie, who is also known to have used the alias “EC,” has been called an untrustworthy individual by the anonymous account, which provided step-by-step proof of discrepancies between statements by the popular NFT figurehead and what Probably Shady argues are plain facts.

Not only is Beanie to not be trusted. He should equally be held accountable for a series of misleading statements he made in public, mostly related to the fact that he concealed his involvement with the projects Probably Shady mentioned before. The account continues to tackle those statements one by one. The first one has Beanie denying his involvement as owner in a number of projects.

However, Probably Shady has found proof that the bulk of the proceeds from the sales realized by one of the projects, Punks Comic, have been transferred to Beanie’s own Ethereum address: “0xaBF107de3E01c7c257e64E0a18d60A733Aad395d.” The estimated amount is 2000 ETH. This sum, Probably Shady argues, amounts to $6 million.

Apparently, Probably Shady is not the only Twitter account to have raised red flags about Beanie and his modus operandi. Probably Shady cited a tweet by NFT Ethics (@NFTethics) which alluded to Beanie’s involvement in TokenPay (TRAY), which is a known rug pull:

“43/ One of the largest and most prominent crypto scams he has been involved in is the case of TokenPay (TRAY), whereby he pretended again to be an investor, but really was suspected to be acting as the CEO behind the screens. […]”


Probably Shady Posts List of Alleged Scams

The Punks Comic transfer of funds is not the only instance where Beanie had denied involvement but seemingly received the full proceeds from sales generated by an NFT project. Probably Shady mentioned at least a dozen other such instances.

They include MetaHero Universe: Generative Identities, which generated 800 ETH in sales in August 2021. The ETH was sent to comicvault.eth, one of the higher-ups in the Punks Comic project known as GFunk, who then transferred the funds back to Beanie.

Probably Shady also talked about Beanie’s “true toxic personality” in mid-2021. A rant in which he used derogatory language resulted in “his projects,” Punks Comic and Metahero’s Mintpass to get in trouble on Opensea.

15/ Chapter 2: Mission Obfuscation (casualfarmer.eth)
Now it’s getting spicy.
In June/July 2021, Beanie’s toxicity reached all time high, his true toxic personality was coming out on numerous occasions, calling Pranksy a P word etc.. pic.twitter.com/e9oPTV22hd

— Probably Shady (@ProbablyShady) January 23, 2022

It was at that time that GFunk had to step into the light and say that Beanie was not the founder of Punks Comic, MetaHero Universe and Pixel Vault, claims that previous screenshots by Probably Shady in the Twitter feed disproved.

Probably Shady detailed the Opensea fallout, the creation of a new wallet, and more. One of the biggest cases detailed in the series of tweets, though, pertains to Planet DAO which Probably Shady calls “a cash grab with fancy art.”

GFunk and Beanie both shared a substantial chunk of the sales realized by Planet DAO and Pixel Vault, with Beanie claiming 27% or roughly 4,000 ETH ($15 million) and Gfunk claiming another 2524 ETH ($10million). Beanie was also cited as an investor in Invariant Labs, yet another NFT startup – the list goes on.

At the time of reporting, there are 73 tweets by Probably Shady detailing the alleged fraudulent activities carried out by Beanie and Gfunk.