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PointsBet Increases Betting Options for March Madness

PointsBet announced the debut of three new betting products just in time for March Madness, a tournament that also goes under the name NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

PointsBet Introduces Three New Betting Products

The leading sportsbook for live betting revealed on Monday that it introduced three new products for college basketball wagering. Those products are a part of PointsBet’s “OddsFactory” proprietary technology integration. The launch of the new products helps PointsBet remain an unquestionable leader when it comes to live, in-game wagering. The announcement comes just in time with the long-anticipated start of March Madness.

Thanks to the newly debuted technology, PointsBet expanded its wagering options for pregame, same game parlay and in-play markets. Under the OddsFactory integration, the company launches Lightning Bets, a new market type for the NCAA basketball tournament.

“With these new integrations, PointsBet separates itself from all major competitors across the board in the number of live betting options for men’s college basketball,”

reads a recent statement released by PointsBet

The innovative market type grants sports fans additional options for real-time micro-markets. As a result, players can wager on which team will score the next point, in the next minute or after four minutes for college basketball games. Moreover, PointsBet users will be able to enjoy Live Same Game Parlay options.

The Company Remains a Leader Offering Numerous Betting Markets

The company explained that the availability of the new live betting options is subject to local betting guidelines. This is why not all betting markets will be available in every US state. PointsBet pointed out that bettors in New York won’t be able to use Lightning Bets. On the other hand, the OddsFactory will feature limited options in Virginia, while it won’t be available in Iowa.

“PointsBet has become the home of live betting and there is no other sportsbook that can approach the number of live, in-game betting markets we are offering.”

Kyle Christensen, chief marketing officer at PointsBet USA

Kyle Christensen, PointsBet USA’s chief marketing officer, shared his excitement by saying that the company’s engagement with the NFL and the NBA has been outstanding. Moreover, he predicted that sports fans will continue to enjoy the company’s services during March Madness. Last but not least, Christensen said that PointsBet has solidified its presence as the sportsbook that offers the highest number of live, in-game betting markets.

Tuning in to the vibe of March Madness, other major industry players such as BetMGM have introduced special promotions. Moreover, leading sportsbook operator bet365 had also launched a special promotion called Bracket Challenge that features a $5 million grand prize for the user that can predict the outcome of all 63 March Madness games.