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Playmaker Cites Heady Consumer Acquisition in 2022 amid Strong Financial Results

Playmaker founder and CEO Jordan Gnat has lauded the company’s robust financial results that led to the sustained growth of operations throughout 2021. The company enjoyed what Gnat described as “remarkable” growth driven by improving EBITDA results which were up 119%.

The company’s full-year accounts were once again posting some strong numbers and Q4 revenues reached $7 million, after a record Q3. Playmaker focused entirely on strong acquisition over the past months, looking to expand its clout in numerous verticals of the experience.

Strong Financial Results and Asset Acquisition

Pro-forma for the entire 2021 stood at $23.8 million, which is a 91% increase compared to the $12.5 million the company reported for 2020. Gnat praised the company for its performance:

 “Our pro forma results for Q4 2021 and full year 2021 demonstrate the continued execution of our strategy.”

Playmaker founder and CEO Jordan Gnat

Apart from individual customer acquisition, Playmaker has similarly sought to use its war chest and acquire more high-value brands.  Among its latest round of acquisitions is Futbol Sites and Fanáticos, Cracks,  Futmarketing but also a number of other social and sports communities, such as TNN, VarskySports, and more.

Gnat argued that Playmaker has been acquiring great companies and integrating them into their own business model. All of these assets have been able to achieve some status in the dedicated Playmaker’s ecosystem making them more efficient and bringing better value across the board.

Playmaker also boosted strong search engine optimization results, lauding the performance of its assets. According to Comscore, the company has been able to achieve the highest web traffic visitations in December, making it the “highest-ranking” sports media group in the Latin American region.

Rapid Fan and Consumer Acquisition in 2021

On audiences, Gnat admitted that the numbers have gone up exponentially. There are over 200 million monthly sessions that the organization now generates.

According to Gnat, there are at least 85 million unique users who visit the company’s properties, along with 50 million YouTube views and as many as 550,000 podcast streams. Overall, Playmaker’s social media platforms are able to reach 100 million fans globally he said.

Playmaker will continue to focus on satisfying customer and fan expectations in 2022, Gnat added. Content will be delivered when fans want it and in whatever form they want it. “Our organic growth has been phenomenal, and we have done it while maintaining a focus on profitability with a 119% increase in pro forma adjusted EBITDA year over year,” the executive assured in the official press statement.

Playmaker also partnered up with MetaBet to ensure that it can best leverage the exponential growth of its audiences.