New Viral Video Confirms Drake Enjoys Playing Online Roulette

New Viral Video Confirms Drake Enjoys Playing Online Roulette

Drake is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable rappers globally. Besides being a rapper, singer and actor, Drake is also significantly popular on social media. Currently, his Twitter account has nearly 40 million followers, while his videos have been watched more than 11 billion times on YouTube.

But just like regular folks, Drake also has hobbies and one of them is playing roulette. Recent videos have gone viral, showing that the Toronto-born rapper can certainly bet thousands of dollars while playing online roulette.

Drake Just Loves Playing Roulette, Viral Video

In a video posted on Instagram last week, Drake can be seen playing online roulette from his home in Toronto. It is important to mention that under the current laws on gambling in Canada, residents can use internet casino websites without breaking the rules.

From the video itself, it appears that the rapper had placed some $200,000 on a spin of a roulette. He predicts that the spin of the roulette will end up with the number 8 and once that happens, he exclaims “There it is! What did I say?” Considering Drake’s net worth which is estimated to be more than $200 million, it doesn’t sound surprising that he can place such a high bet while playing online. If indeed the rapper had a $200,000 bet on the game, this means that the payout would likely surpass some $7 million.

However, what is strange is that the famous rapper was playing on an online casino called Stake. While Drake might as well be one of the high-rollers of the website, Stake restricts single-bets for roulette tables to $20,000.

The Famous Rapper Wins $354k from Online Roulette

Another viral video shows once again that Drake enjoys playing roulette. A message on the screen is saying “2022 is blessing me from the comfort of my home,” while the video itself claims that the famous rapper is playing online roulette again. There’s a track playing in the background called PAMI by DJ Tunez, Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Omah Lay, while the video is showing Drake winning $354,000.

Strange enough, just like in the first video, something doesn’t add up. The video itself isn’t clear enough to see what number Drake had placed a bet on, regardless, he wins some $300,000. Comments under the video vary from claims that Drake owns Bitcoin to “paid ad.” Other users disagree entirely with the legitimacy of the video. One user claimed under the video that online gambling websites give online credit to famous people to “convince normal people” that gambling is a good thing, while it is actually “one of the most evil creations on the planet.”