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Johnson Fury Endorses Gambling with’s Partnership

Unlike his son, Tyson, Johnson Fury has no problem with accepting or endorsing betting brands. Just a few weeks after Tyson gave a public statement in which he said he would not be endorsing any alcoholic beverages or gambling, citing his own struggles with addiction, John has now accepted to become a brand ambassador for affiliate website and media

John’s Insights Will Be Valued

In his new role, Fury will be helping with’s marketing campaigns, including sharing his own insights on boxing fights. His analyses will be shared across the website and its social media channels for additional buzz and reach. Fury will similarly pitch in on other sports he feels passionate about, including soccer and horseracing.

The XLMedia-owned website is focused on creating a comparison tool for sports bettors to examine on their own time. The website effectively seeks to collect promotions from licensed operators and then feed them back to customers. Then, it’s down to customers to choose what promotion would make the most sense in their case.

XLMedia head of PR for EU sports Dominic Cecila welcomed the addition of Fury and argued that the site was excited to be working with him:

“With landmark events coming up – such as Tyson Fury’s final professional fight – we’re delighted to have John as our brand ambassador, bringing his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.”

XLMedia head of PR for EU sports Dominic Cecila

Cecila argued that Fury’s own insight into sports would help consumers on their own journey in the gambling industry. The position of senior is indeed one that may come as a bit of a shock to his son, although Tyson is rarely swayed by what anyone around him does. If anything, his determination is what got him through his own struggles with gambling addiction.

As to John, his insight into the sports betting sector would surely prove helpful to fans who are honestly looking for good advice on what to back next. Training the world’s WBC World Champion to greatness certainly gives John Fury a keen insight into how the boxing world works and why some fighters are undoubtedly better than others.