HighStakes Brings Trading, Crypto, and Gaming Platform Online

HighStakes Brings Trading, Crypto, and Gaming Platform Online

HighStakes has become the latest platform to launch a dedicated gambling experience that features crypto and trading through a new one-shop website. The HigStakes.com portal is dedicated to online poker, sports betting, casino gaming, as well as trading, and crypto.

HighStakes Introduces New Website

The company is using products developed by One Touch, Evolution, and Ezugi to immediately bolster the variety of available products with high-end products. On top of that, players have access to a number of payment methods that will facilitate participation and HighStakes is continuing with numerous poker tournaments, many of which should come with significant prize purses.

HighStakes is similarly focusing on building its own proprietary products that will allow it to distinguish itself from other gaming websites. One of those projects is the Crypto Lottery and the website’s mission goes beyond as it attempts to “blur the lines” between gambling, investment, crypto, and trading, as per the words of gaming platform head of sales and marketing Charlie Ng:

“Our development philosophy is user and customer service driven. We’ve invested a lot in our service and our players’ feedback about new features or improvements is encouraged and valued.”

HighStakes head of sales and marketing Charlie Ng

HighStakes will focus heavily on international and national poker tournaments that will run on a fixed schedule and have a guaranteed prize pool base. The only casino will charge 1% for tables over designated periods as well. The first event that is coming in the poker segment is scheduled for April 16. The buy-in is set at €2,000 whereas the prize is set at €1.1 million ($1.1 million).

Affiliate Marketing to the Fore

HighStakes is also building an affiliate program that is expected to attract partners who are prepared to spread the brand message and bring more players. The company wants to create a transparent ecosystem where every aspect of the products offered is available and easy to comprehend.

Affiliates will be a stepping-stone for the company which will be trying to add more customers across its entire offering, from crypto to trading, to all.