El Salvador Launches Its First NFT-Based Casino

El Salvador Launches Its First NFT-Based Casino

El Salvador is one of the pioneers when it comes to blockchain. The country is famous for its extremely favorable stance on cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. Because of that, the Canadian company Astro Babies managed to successfully launch a brick-and-mortar venue where NFT lovers can meet and trade.

Astro Club House Opened Its Doors

The new casino is called Astro Club House and is a first-of-its-kind venue dedicated to NFTs and NFT trading. Astro Club House opened its doors on June 9 and welcomed its first clients. To celebrate the opening, Astro Babies launched its third NFT collection.

Despite being a place that aims to appeal to crypto and NFT lovers, Astro Club House will also provide a variety of more traditional forms of gambling. Astro Babies plan to equip the club with slots and table games. In addition, the company will engage visitors with weekly poker events.

Astro Club House will also allow visitors to enjoy themselves in more than one way. The venue will have a bar and a restaurant where visitors can relax and dine and a VIP area. Additionally, there will be a DJ terrace where customers can enjoy live music.

Astro Babies Is Already Planning Its Next Move

Al Radan, the founder of Astro Babies, spoke about the launch of Astro Club House. He said that the idea for the NFT casino was sparked by the popularity of the vertical. For him, the crypto-favorable El Salvador provided the perfect opportunity to pioneer a new form of casino.

Speaking about his vision for the venue, Radan said that he sees it as a place where people will be able to exchange information. He wants Astro Club House to be a place where people with an interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs meet and share their experiences.

Astro Babies has already created 50 direct and 120 indirect jobs so far and is helping the local economy. In addition, the company plans to launch an aviation company that serves major crypto celebrities in Central America but it is yet to release more details. 

Meanwhile, El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, announced that there are plans for a second NFT casino in the vicinity of the so-called Bitcoin City. Sadly, these plans might face some challenges as the global cryptocurrency and NFT markets continue to plummet. However, the passion of the crypto and NFT communities and initiatives such as Astro Babies’ is sure to provide some relief.