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DexBet365’s Decentralized Sports Betting Market Lets Users Become Bookies

DexBet365, the first cross-chain decentralized betting, and metaverse play-to-earn gaming platform will allow users to bet on sports using cryptocurrency.

DexBet365 to Offer Decentralized Sports Betting

DexBet365 is one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency wagering. The platform seeks to appeal to the tech-savvy players who love innovation by providing them with innovative ways to get their hands on crypto. DexBet365 capitalizes on the decentralization trend, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs while playing metaverse games.

In order to appeal to a broader audience, the platform will also implement sports betting options for fans of professional sporting events. One of the main differences compared to traditional sports betting is that DexBet365 users can play using crypto instead of traditional money. This system will allow for instantaneous payouts to bettors who place a winning wager.

“Rather than place a bet and wait for 24hours to receive your rewards, you get your rewards, which are either BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, SOL, etc credited to your crypto wallet instantly,” DexBet365 explained.

Players Will Serve as Bookmakers

Instead of using traditional bookmakers, the platform will put users themselves in the role of the bookmakers by staking their own DexBet365 tokens. Those who choose to do so will earn rewards after the end of the event.

This unorthodox approach will allow for a decentralized system where a single percent of people control everything. The platform explained:

“Hence there is no one percent of people controlling the betting space of DB365, rather every user forms a part of the governance and control through staking and sponsoring as bookmakers, and the end result is rewards distributed in a decentralized manner to everyday people like you and I.”


DexBet365 Envisions a Common Future for Gambling and Crypto

DexBet365 aims to usher in a new age of betting by introducing blockchain tech to the industry. Not only will this new industry be free of the need for higher governance but the cryptocurrency approach will also make it a securer alternative to anyone who wants to bet, the platform reassured.

“With the added advantage of anonymity and the failproof security of blockchain technology, there is the guarantee that all the information, tokens and coins are secure and safe from breaches.”


Other than pay-to-earn games and sports betting, DexBet365 will additionally provide a prediction game where people can bet on any event in life. That can include the fluctuation of a real-life currency, the outcome of a presidential election, and so on.

Many analysts and industry veterans have predicted that blockchain tech shares a common future with the gambling industry. DexBet365’s mission is to make that prediction come to reality.