Chalkboard Taps DFS Veteran Joe Holka for Head of Content

Chalkboard Taps DFS Veteran Joe Holka for Head of Content

The key to successful social betting platforms lies in creating compelling content that drives customer acquisition, boosts engagement, and generates a solid financial bottom line. To achieve that Chalkboard, a social messaging app for sports betting fans, has brought on Joe Holka as its new chief content officer.

Chalkboard to Boost Content with Joe Holka Hire

Chalkboard is not focused on offering betting markets, but rather driving the conversation around the activity and has become a premier venue for people interested in betting where they can discuss the opportunities offered to them on the regulated market.

Ultimately, the goal is to help savvy sports bettors to benefit from their in-depth knowledge of sports betting and the subtler aspects of the industry. Chalkboard allows consumers to create dedicated shows and spread the word to fellow like-minded sports fans. The company is a springboard for talented content creators and Holka will be overseeing this aspect of the brand’s offer.

Commenting on the latest additions to its ranks, Chalkboard CEO Ted Mauze said: “When I think of conversations around sports betting, Joe is one of the first people who comes to mind.” He went on to add:

“Joe knows exactly what type of content Chalkboard users value most and understands the effort it takes for content creators to grow their followers and revenue. We’re excited to have him at the helm as we continue to make Chalkboard the one-stop-shop for betting conversation.”

Chalkboard CEO Ted Mauze

Holka is no chance to hire either. The new executive is responsible for creating compelling content around fantasy sports and sports betting for the past ten years which makes him a suitable candidate for the position.

He has held various important positions that allowed him to quickly rise to salience in the industry. Holka worked as an analyst for FantasyLabs where he would collect and publish insight into NHL and NFL fantasy selections and later moved to The Action Network.

Excited to Be Joining the Company

As a result, Holka not only understands sports but is also intimately familiar with the subtle details of sports betting and how it should work. He currently has his own YouTube channel that has been amassing a good chunk of followers. In the meantime, Holka himself said he was absolutely thrilled to be joining:

“I’m thrilled to join the Chalkboard team and develop content that fuels user engagement and facilitates valuable conversation.”

Chalkboard chief content officer Joe Holka

Holka noted that the betting crowds out there have become more diverse precisely because of the mass legalization push for sports betting in the United States.