Betway Teams up with DLMDD to Create Sonic Branding

Betway Teams up with DLMDD to Create Sonic Branding

Betway Teams up with DLMDD to Create Sonic Branding

In Summary:

Betway has decided to spread the word through other forms of marketing turning to DLMDDThe pair have created new audio (sonic) branding that will be synonymous with the Betway brandSoundOut estimates that sonic branding is already a success for Betway and its marketing efforts

Betway has partnered with DLMDD to help build its new identity with its player base around the world.  DLMDD is a London-based sonic branding agency that will assist Betway in delivering its messages in a new marketing push that will focus on audio. The new sonic branding is already out as a result of a direct collaboration between DLMDD and Saatchi & Saatchi. The marketing agency will be charged with creating the “sonic company logo,” which will help people hear not just see the brand and associate it with Betway.

DLMDD Narrates the Sonic Betway’s Sonic Branding

Sonic advertisement is a good associative way of marketing that helps customers recall and recognize a brand instantly. While the undertaking is difficult, it marks Betway’s expansive efforts to be recognized as more than a betting brand and a prominent name in the communities it operates in, with a firm foothold in a growing set of regulated markets.

Betway has the opportunity to insert itself in the minds of customers worldwide and create a unique way for delivering powerful messages through associative marketing

The company’s executives are optimistic about the oncoming changes, with brand director Wes Godwin welcoming the opportunity to work with DLMDD on this ambitious project:

“I’m elated to see that our new Brand Sonic has been recognized by Mark Ritson as ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘One to Watch.’ An immense effort by my team and the guys over at DLMDD and Saatchi & Saatchi for getting this delivered to such a high standard.”

Betway brand director Wes Godwin

The sonic branding is already on the way and it has struck a positive chord with Betway consumers. According to market research firm SoundOut, sonic branding for Betway has been 92% successful in improving the brand personality. DLMDD co-founder Sascha Darroch-Davies said that Betway’s brand identity was so powerful that it made it easier to have a strong impact in just three seconds of sound.

Building up Reach with Audio Messaging

“We’re delighted to see it dubbed as a top-five sonic identity in the years to come,” Darroch-Davies said. DLMDD has a strong experience with creating successful audio messages for a number of companies outside the gaming sector as well. Meanwhile, Betway has been bolstering its own efforts to bring more clarity into responsible gambling on all levels in places like Ghana.