BETER Introduces New Widget for Efootball Streams

BETER Introduces New Widget for Efootball Streams

BETER, an established provider of esports and sports betting data and casino content, has revealed a new feature for the 24/7 eFootball live streams which will now include a dedicated in-play statistics widget designed to boost the viewing experience. Viewers will be able to enjoy additional information that is fed directly to them during the stream, helping them make better decisions when betting on the company’s signature ESportsBattle tournaments.

BETER Continues to Improve on Streaming Experience

While the concept of esports has been overhauled a bit by BETER, it has been particularly popular with mainstream sportsbooks interested in BETER’s proposition. BETER’s latest widget addition is a powerful tool that feeds a number of important data details into the overall offer, including head-to-head comparisons between players and alerts about upcoming players, and more.

Bettors will have quick access to individual players’ win rates, losses, draws, overall wins, average goals, and so on. The widget is very comprehensive, empowering bettors to further engage with the product and seek to expand their understanding. Commenting on this product, BETER CPO Alex Lobov said:

We are always keen to create a strong foundation for positive and long-lasting relationships of players with our sports and esports tournaments. The best way to do it is to maintain an engaging gaming atmosphere and constantly refresh our products with new features and options.

BETER CPO Alex Lobov

Expanding and improving the live stream experience is an important way for the company to achieve this. Now, bettors have an immersive and engaging product to fully benefit from.  BETER has been in the news a lot lately, and not always necessarily for its esports proposition.

The company released its Teen Patti product for Live Casino in July and before that in June, BETER teamed up with Bet Connections to expand its Latin American reach.