AWS Teams up with MLSE for VR and AR F2P and Betting

AWS Teams up with MLSE for VR and AR F2P and Betting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has teamed up with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), which owns the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors, and will seek to deliver a variety of sports, gaming, and betting-focused experiences to fans. The experiences will be predicated on the AWS cloud computing and artificial intelligence products and they will seek to elevate the betting experience even further.

AWS to Deliver on F2P and Real Money Betting Experience

MLSE is a particularly good partner to break into the gaming and betting sector as the company owns numerous franchises which serve niche and mainstream sports. The Toronto Argonauts and Toronto FC play in the CFL and MLS respectively.

AWS will assist MLSE to create new experiences that will help with onboarding, retention, and gamification. These include augmented reality and virtual reality solutions tailored to introduce sports fans of the above franchises to F2P games and even real money betting options and platforms. SVP of sales and marketing at AWS Matt Garman:

“AWS supports many of the world’s most exciting sports organizations with the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offerings.”

SVP of sales and marketing at AWS Matt Garman

Garman has explained the extensive experience AWS has in helping leading organizations such as the National Hockey League and Formula 1 redesign key assets or achieve better engagement with their fan bases. “We’re thrilled to grow our global sports community with MLSE and help them build a winning suite of analytics and machine learning capabilities,” Garman added.

The goal is to help all of MLSE’s franchises to connect with their respective fan audiences. MLSE’s chief technology and digital officer, Humza Teherany, welcomed the opportunity to be joining forces with MLSE in an attempt to bring the engagement and retention level.

Evolving and Elevating the Experience

The advances extended by AWS, Teherany argues, will allow to evolve, and elevate the fan experience in previously unprecedented ways. Teherany stressed that the focus remained on creating new ways to connect with fan audiences digitally and uncover the digital potential of sports performance opportunities.

“We aim to offer new ways for fans to connect digitally with their favorite teams while also seeking to uncover digital sports performance opportunities in collaboration with our front offices.”

MLSE’s chief technology and digital officer, Humza Teherany,

MLSE’s sports franchises are all based in Ontario, Canada. |the province is set to open its private betting and iGaming markets next month and allow companies to start offering an extensive range of products.