The UKGC Updated Its Guidance on Fair and Transparent Terms and Practices

The UKGC Updated Its Guidance on Fair and Transparent Terms and Practices

In order to ensure the British bettors’ safety, the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has updated its guidance on fair and transparent terms and practices for gambling operators. This update comes in the wake of malpractices by some of the commission’s licensees.

The UKGC Asked Operators to Maintain Transparency

The authority has noted that some of the holders of a British license use terms of play that don’t seem to be fair and sometimes even allow the operators to have an “undue discretion.” This refers to some of the licensees’ terms allowing them to confiscate customers’ un-staked deposits and impact customers’ funds if they believe the players used foul play.

Additionally, some of the gambling operator’s terms allow them to lower the prize money of open bets and online games or even void it if a customer has broken the staking rules.

The regulator reminded that gambling operators need to prove that their terms and conditions have been applied justly. To protect customers’ rights, the UKGC has demanded operators to keep their terms and conditions transparent in accordance with the law. The authority explained:

“The contractual terms on which gambling is offered and any consumer notices relating to gambling activity must be transparent within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.”

Licensees Should Refer to the CMA’s Principles

The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 rules that operators should notify customers of material changes to their terms in advance. Because of this, the UKGC asked operators to review their bonus offers and betting requirements and make sure that they are in line with the commission’s standards.

The regulator pointed out that The Competition and Markets Authority is the main body working to protect customers. It has laid down very clear principles on how remote gambling consumer disputes should be solved. The UKGC elaborated:

“You must adhere to the CMA’s principles in order to demonstrate compliance with license conditions and to ensure that gambling is provided fairly. This is in line with the second licensing objective of ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.”

The UKGC is working hard to balance the British gambling ecosystem. At the beginning of this month, the regulator teamed up with the Government Agency Intelligence Network to crack down on illegal lottery providers on Facebook. A week ago, the authority warned its licensees to keep the industry’s good image and make sure their ads don’t end up on websites that infringe copyright.