QTech Games Rolls Out Crypto Payment Support for Games

QTech Games Rolls Out Crypto Payment Support for Games

QTech Games has a track record for developing some of the most spectacular iGaming titles. Now, the company is adding another feature that will enable players to find the exact gaming conditions they feel the happiest with. 

The supplier has long focused on emerging markets across Asia, and players can now use a crypto-to-game currency to elevate their experience a notch further. The inherent strength of cryptocurrencies in iGaming has only begun to gather momentum in the industry, and QTech is happy to embrace this change.

Play QTech Games with Crypto 

QTech is now allowing players to withdraw using an umber of dedicated cryptocurrencies, to name bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, bitcoin cash, USDC, and DAI. The company is confident that the rollout of this feature will draw previously unreached player bases who would be interested in playing QTech’s products as an alternative to the standard fiat money gameplay.  

The feature incorporated in the company’s products offers a real-time exchange mechanism that facilitates the gameplay and enables seamless onboarding. Players will have the freedom to keep their funds in either fiat money or cryptocurrency. 

QTech will ensure that partner operators will have full control over player registrations, promotions, marketing, and other key functionalities that allow the crypto-friendly games and underpinning platform to deliver on the desired experiences. 

Crypto Offers Inherent Benefits to Gambling and Players

Commenting on this opportunity, QTech Games CCO Ulf Norder clarified some of the opportunities introduced to players this way:

“This is a timely crypto-to-game currency innovation, including the possibility to create virtual currencies as well. It’s essentially two features in one: players can deposit into their wallets as normal, convert their balance into any currency (coin, token, or play games which aren’t bespoke crypto games) and then play, as usual, safeguarded by our unique real-time exchange mechanism.”

QTech Games CCO Ulf Norder

Norder elaborated on why gambling and cryptocurrency made a good match. For starters, the industry was one of the first to take advantage of crypto’s inherent features, such as speed of transaction, low cost of payment processing, and an improved level of overall security and accountability. 

Thanks to this tech, Norder argued, gambling companies such as sportsbooks have been able to offer better margins such many of the traditional costs could be eliminated. He argued that QTech was thrilled to be teaming up with casinos that are seeking more opportunities to integrate crypto solutions into their offerings. 

Norder is confident that the majority of assets will be eventually “blockchain-ified,” whether that is a fungible dollar or a non-fungible token. “It all goes on-chain and can take traditional banks and charges out of the equation. Blockchains are radically egalitarian because every user becomes a root user,” he concluded.