America’s Biggest Lotto Fraudster, Eddie Tipton, Has His Parole Revoked

The Des Moines Register has reported that the infamous lottery fraudster, Eddie Tipton, just had his parole revoked. He was scheduled to be released in a couple of days, even though he served just 4 years into his 25-year sentence. Apart from the 25-year jail time, Tipton was also ordered to pay $2.2 million in restitution to state lotteries.

Tipton Was Granted Freedom on January 20, 2022

Tipton was granted parole on January 20, 2022, but Andrew Boettger, the chairman of the Iowa Board of Parole, stated that he was the subject of a “major discipline.” Even though details weren’t specified, they were enough for the board to change its mind and thus, revoke Tipton’s parole.

A spokesman for the prison also denied to shed a bit more light on the case and uncover what exactly happened to make the board change its mind concerning Tipton’s parole.

Per laws in Iowa, non-violent offenders that have no mandatory minimum can request parole immediately. The prison system evaluates the inmates and makes a recommendation to the parole board. Then, the parole board does its own revision of the case and determines whether the subject is ready to “live a law-abiding life,” Boettger stated.

Boettger also added that just like all other non-violent offenders, Tipton will be up for a review again in one year.

Tipton Confessed to Rigging Hot Lotto More than 5 Times

Tipton used to work as Multi-State Lottery Association’s head of security and was part of the team that build the association’s RNGs. Secretly, he installed a self-destructing malware that enabled him to predict winning numbers.

His first crime took place in 2005 when a $4.8 million jackpot was fraudulently claimed in Colorado. One of the winners of that prize was Tipton’s brother, Tommy Tipton. Between 2005 and 2011, it is said that Tipton rigged the Hot Lotto draw at least 5 times in 5 different states.

Although he originally defied the accusations, Tipton confessed to the crimes and was convicted in 2017. He was handed a 25-year prison sentence and was ordered to pay $2.2 million, which he appealed. According to Tipton, Iowa judges ordered him to pay the money back in states where the state does not have authority.

Moreover, he claims that he doesn’t have the money. Tipton stated that the total amount that he netted is $351,000. It is unclear what happened to the rest of the funds. During the sentence, District Court Judge Brad McCall told Tipton that it is unfortunate that he didn’t use the intelligence for legal prosper.

Tipton’s cover was blown by his MUSL colleagues, who recognized him in video footage from a store where he was buying a ticket.